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"We catch broken or snapped Conveyor Belts"

ICO Conveyor Belt Arrestor Overview

The ICO Conveyor Belt Arrestor has been designed and developed to catch (arrest) any incline conveyor belt that brakes or snaps due to normal wear and tear on incline conveyor systems. The Conveyor Belt Arrestor is mounted below the head pulley where the most belt breakages occur.

The Conveyor Belt Arrestor catches both the top and bottom conveyor belts within 0.3 of a second and prevents it from running back down the incline. Both ends are then in close proximity to facilitate easy splicing.

ICO Conveyor Process Overview

Top Arrestor and Bottom Arrestor

Sasol Sigma - 1,800mm Conveyor Belt. Arrestor activated with belt caught.

Top Arrestor and Bottom Arrestor:

PPC Dwaalboom - 900mm Conveyor Belt. Arrestor activated with full load.

ABS Arrestor

ABS Arrestor:

Phola Coal Processing Plant - 1,500mm Conveyor Belt. Arrestor activated successfully with full load.

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