About Incline Conveyor Operations

The Conveyor Belt Arrestor is a 100% mechanical device that is designed to operate only if there is loss of tension in the belt.

In other word the tension of the belt keeps the device open and as soon as there is loss of tension in the conveyor belt due to it being snapped or broken the Conveyor Belt Arrestors
snaps shut almost immediately and prevents the top and bottom belts from running down the incline.

Benefits Of ICO Conveyor Belt Arrestor

The Conveyor Belt Arrestor reduces the risk of injury or fatalities due to belt and material rolling back down the incline machine.

The Conveyor Belt Arrestor also as it reduces down time caused by broken belts by up to 90%.

The Conveyor Belt Arrestor reduces damage to the existing incline conveyor structure caused by a belt and material rolling down the incline following a broken or snapped belt.


The Mine Health and Safety Act: Recent changes in this Act states that the belt of any conveyor system cannot run away. SIMRAC conducted a study specifically focused on conveyor belt safety.

The report (ref GEN 701) was conducted by Anglo Technical Division research agency in July 2001. In the study a number of historic causes of accidents are listed.

According to SIMRAC, the most common causes of fatal and reportable accidents based on their experience as inspectors includes, “Sufficient stopping devices not installed along the length of the belt”.

Their report is a detailed account highlighting conveyor belts as extremely dangerous elements within the mining environment.

Sizes of Arrestors

We manufacture Conveyor Belt Arrestors to fit any width of Conveyor from 600mm up to 2,100mm.

We have an Heavy Duty option for applications where the applicable forces indicate we need additional strength in our Arrestor, typically where the reaction forces exceed 600KN.

Installation of the Arrestors

Typically it takes 8 hours to complete an installation of both the top and bottom Conveyor Belt Arrestor.

The Conveyor Belt Arrestor is customised for each mine as no two Conveyor Systems are the same.

Our technical team will advise and install the Conveyor Belt Arrestor in the optimal position to provide the greatest possibility of catching a broken or snapped belt.