We catch broken or snapped Conveyor Belts

Incline Conveyor Operations (ICO) is the undoubted World Leader in Conveyor Belt Arrestor Technology

Sole distributors of Patents 1997/11189 and 2016/08911 relating to Conveyor Belt Arrestors and other retaining devices.

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Combined Top and Bottom Arrestor with P-Lock Animation
Hydraulic Belt Clamp

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Sasol Sigma
Slipping Arrestor Activated

Since 2005 ICO has designed, manufactured, and installed ICO Conveyor Belt Arrestors to catch broken or snapped Conveyor Belts. ICO has installed Belt Arrestors on conveyors ranging from as small as 500mm to as large as 2,400mm. ICO has installed over 350 Belt Arrestors world-wide and can assist Engineers and the design office with the correct Arrestor for each conveyor and application.

ICO’s Belt Arrestor are 100% mechanical devices, which operates under the tension of the conveyor system, as soon as loss of tension is detected in the conveyor belt (due to a snapped belt), the Arrestors move from an open to close position within 0.3 of a second. ICO’s Arrestors catches both the top and bottom  conveyor belts and prevents the conveyor belts from running back down the incline. In doing so it prevents the loss of life, loss valuable production time and damage to the structure. The device requires limited monthly maintenance and can easily be reset after operation.

Our current Arrestor models are all based on the technology and innovation as described in patent 2016/08911, overcoming the design and functional limitations of the original 1997/11189 patent. The 2016 patent has added holdback functionality to our Combined Top and Bottom Arrestor with the patented P-Lock system.

ICO has Conveyor Belt Arrestors for the following conveyors:

  • Incline Conveyors 
  • Decline Conveyors
  • Pan Conveyors
  • Pipe Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Bucket Conveyors

Incline Conveyor Operations (Pty) Ltd, is the only licensed company in the world Authorized by The Viviers Famielie Trust (Patent Holders) to design, manufacture and sell patents 1997/11189 and 2016/08911 relating to Conveyor Belt Arrestors and other retaining devices. All ICO’s Conveyor Belt Arrestor models have been designed and approved by certified Engineers, reducing your risk and responsibility.

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“Any thing else is a bad imitation”

Delf Arrestor Animation
Chain Arrestor in Action
PPC Dwaalboom
Belt Caught – View from Head Pulley